Are animal prints so difficult to wear?

In order to look fashionable, you have to take into account a series of factors. For instance, when it comes to animal print clothing, some people can get a little over ‘excited’ and tend to exaggerate, dressing in animal prints from head to bottoms, which might not create a pleasant aspect. Women’s fashion is complicated, it is true, but with a little help and understanding how to combine certain pieces of clothing and some accessories, it is for sure that the result will be amazing. Why are animal prints considered so difficult to wear after all?

Know the secret with animal prints

It is generally known that some trends stay in even for a decade or more, while others can fade away after only one year. Animal prints are included in the first category though. Some people who own an animal print clothing item in their wardrobe avoid to wear it thinking that they do not know how to accessorize it or what other clothes to choose in order to match with it, whereas others have their wardrobe filled with such clothes and are prone to wear too much of them at once. The secret with animal prints is to understand how to dose them. Experts recommend wearing only one animal print item at a time and the other chosen articles to be monochromatic, whether it is about clothes or accessories.

Fashion tips and tricks

In case you own a leopard print pair of shoes or even a bag, you can opt to wear a classic little black dress. The dress is monochromatic, as suggested above, thus the pieces of your outfit will mingle perfectly. You can wear the same black dress with a leopard print coat or blazer if you want, because this is also a successful combination. This outfit can be worn even at cocktail parties or other formal events. For the day, opt for a blazer and match it with a pair of short jeans. Besides these pieces of clothes, one of the most common animal print items of clothing is the scarf, which is also the easiest article to combine. It matches with nearly everything. For instance, you can wear a green trench coat, match it with some brown booties and accessorize the entire outfit with an animal print scarf. Animal print shoes are not so difficult to wear either, whether it is about booties, ballet slipper flats or some high heels. Since they do not attract too much attention, you can opt for clothes that are more extravagant.

The verdict

To conclude, animal prints are one of those fashion articles that have managed to survive over the years. However, as you can see, wearing leopard print clothing is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is to know how to dose these clothes, because if you wear too much of them at once, there are high chances to look like a real leopard, which is not recommended. Look for professional online clothes that provide high quality products and enlarge your wardrobe.