Calcium is essential for your child’s health and development

People begin acquiring calcium early in life, reason why a proper intake of calcium is of the utmost importance for the development and the health of your child. Why do children need calcium? Well, the answer is pretty simple. During this stage of their life, kids need a great deal of calcium to accomplish maximum bone density and overall to lead a healthier life. Not only is calcium vital for building strong, healthy bones, but also for the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Basically, you will have to make sure that your child is drinking plenty of milk and eating green vegetables. However, if you want to make sure that your kid will not develop weak bones, you should consider buying a dietary supplement. Today, companies such as AlgaeCal Inc. produce supplements that help people achieve the right balance. Not only are they readily available, but they can help you minimize possible risks. In this article, we will discuss just how vital calcium is for the well-being of your kid.

The outcome of lack of calcium

Unlike adults, children are constantly growing new bone, so they need a supply of nutrients. During childhood as well as adolescence, the body makes use of calcium in order to shape and care for. The only issue is that the body eliminates some amounts of calcium and it does not produce new ones. Where does it get minerals from? Unfortunately, from the bones, which are considered a sort of depository. Should this happen your kid’s bones will ultimately become weak and fragile. In order to make sure that your child will not be dealing with osteoporosis from an early age, it is necessary to ensure that he is hitting enough calcium.

What calcium accomplishes  

Thanks to calcium, your kid will not be in any way susceptible to developing weak bones in the near future. On the contrary, your child will have a strong skeleton. What is more, the muscles will be working properly as well. This is the time when the body absorbs calcium more effectively. According to recent studies, calcium contributes to muscle growth and development. Some even say that calcium together with vitamin D protects against cancer. To make sure that your kid has the best start in life, encourage him to engage in physical activity as well.

How much calcium you should give your kid

Taking into consideration that your child’s body is constantly growing, you should be able to reinforce this growth by imposing healthy a healthy diet and giving your kid supplements. Now, the question is how much calcium is enough. As a general rule, children between the ages of 4 and 8 do not need more than 700 mg per day. Children between the ages of 9 and 18 need between 1000 and 1300 mg. This is exactly how much your child should be getting according to studies. However, studies have shown that the right dose depends on the individual. So, take your kid to the doctor to make sure he does not have a deficiency and to see whether his body is not absorbing the calcium.