Coupons – more than efficient marketing tools

Since coupons have proven to be effective marketing tools, any business should incorporate them in their strategies. Discount tickets enjoy great popularity among not only marketing managers, but also among regular consumers. Americans in particular seem to be a nation of coupon-clipping consumers, reason why businesses should start taking advantage of their preferences. Whether print or online, shoppers cannot live without their beloved Orange County restaurant coupons. However, you should not limit your marketing strategies only to discount tickets. In other words, you should make sure that the service offered to customers is nothing but outstanding.

Are coupons really effective?

There is much doubt whether coupons are actually good marketing tools. While discount tickets themselves are not money-makers, they are useful for improving the awareness of the business in new markets and, most importantly, among consumers. They have the possibility to impact all the existing marketing efforts by making the customer convert to your website by simply offering them the promise of a discount. Discount tickets are most effective for location-based business such as restaurants because they let them realize easy savings and create added traffic. Added traffic for retailers means that they can double and even triple their store traffic. Clients are attracted by discount tickets because they offer immediate value.

Print or online coupons?

Online coupons are valuable resources for making the customer aware of your business and for maintaining the already existing clientele. Basically the discount ticket encourages the customer to come back. Not only are they more willing to come back, but also to give positive reviews, sign up for your email list and like your Facebook page. The choice of what to offer depends mostly on the economics of the business and what attracts customers. For this reason, you should carefully consider the cost of acquisition and the average lifetime value. In addition to this, consider using social/group buying sites that could boost your business by making them available to the audience and subscribers.

Improved distribution channels

The real challenge is not creating the offer, but rather using all your means to make sure that the discount tickets actually get in the hand of potential customers. Compared to other marketing tools like postal mailing or PR agents, discounts are less expensive. If you go much further, then you can make use of social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. It certainly contributes to reducing distribution costs. For improved effects, consider spreading across all distribution channels. Customers that like your Facebook page are not interested exclusively in information. Therefore, they want to communicate and any business has to find the time to pay attention to their subscribers.

To sum up, discount tickets are an effective strategy for both small and large businesses alike since they offer customers incentives to come back. Additionally, they encourage customers to subscribe to their social pages. The reason why they are so popular among consumers is that they offer them the chance to save money and that they see them as immediate value.