Get your house tested for mold


In most cases, mold is good owing to the fact that it plays an important role in the process of making important medicines and even some foods. However, the fungus can cause a lot of problems to your health. Once it grows in your home, it is rather hard to get rid of it. Taking preventive measures is thus vital for making sure that the fungi does not enter your home and break out. But what if you already have fungus growing in your home? You may or may not have a problem. The fact is that the fungus is extremely skilled at hiding, so unless you get your home tested you can’t tell for sure if you have an intruder inside. Therefore, you should set your mind at ease and get mold testing in Toronto in your home.

What does an inspection include?

A mold inspection implies hiring someone to look for fungus growth in your home. The reason why it is necessary to hire a qualified inspector is that he has formal training, not to mention considerable experience. What the inspector does is look for both past and present growth. Most of the times, fungus growth leads to water problems, reason why an inspector can look for distinctive signs such as water leaks. In addition to this, past growth leads to health issues like allergic reactions. Since fungus growth is likely to cause structural issues, the inspector will look within the walls and the building. During the inspection, the inspector will also try to find sources of moisture that is the number one cause of mold development.

Is testing relevant if there is no visible mold?

The answer to this question is that it can save you a lot of money. The process of eliminating fungus from your home is quite expensive owing to the fact that all the materials contaminated have to be thrown away. This means that spraying them with chemicals is not enough. The cost depends largely on the kind of materials that the fungus has affected. As mentioned before, you may not even know that you are infested. More often than not, mold is not apparent. People don’t realize they are infected even when they get sick for no reason at all. They usually blame their symptoms on the common cold or on allergies.

What are the health hazards?

You, your family and your pets can be affected by mold. It is widely known that fungus is a common cause of allergies, but not only. Exposure to spores leads to respiratory issues. Although it is not fully understood, the fungus produces toxic substances known as mycotoxins that are likely to cause health issues more serious than respiratory problems. For instance, people who have been exposed to mold for a very long time tend to develop pneumonia. Equally important is that you or your family can develop pulmonary hemorrhage, not to mention that there have been numerous reports of memory loss. The best way of protecting your home is getting it tested.