How to generate the income needed in retirement

You have spent so many years saving money and now that retirement is quickly approaching you need to have a plan. The major challenge you have to face when withdrawing from work is generating regular income and of course maintaining it for the rest of your life. In the absence of additional revenue, you could end up spending your provisions for the future and implicitly struggle for many years at an end. Fortunately for you, there are ways of generating earnings in retirement, although professionals do not agree on all of them. The truth is that there is no “right” approach and consulting with a financial professional is important. If you too are interested in profitable strategies, then you should visit

What does it really take?

Even though until now retirement may have looked like a distant dream, it is fast approaching. Therefore, you should start calculating your retirement costs using an approach that is called “back-of-the-envelope”. What you need to do is multiply what you spend on a daily basis by 75 or 85 percent. The result will be your budget for the first year. Nonetheless, if you have extra expenses resulting from health issues or travel, then withdrawing from work may cost you more than initially expected.

Main types of retirement incomes

When you retire from activity you can have two types of income: regular and variable. Regular revenue includes a pension or annuity, meaning the revenue that is insured by an outside entity. On the other hand, you can be responsible for managing your money and deciding how you need to spend. The bad news is that no one can promise you that your accounts will provide you earnings for the rest of your life. For this reason, most people refer to have a pool of earnings for emergencies, like travels or weddings.

2 retirement strategies

If you are wondering what your options are, then here are a couple of examples. Your number one option is to invest in a low-cost fund and then use the interests and the dividends to make ends meet. As long as the dividends are deposited electronically in your account, it will be a lot easier for you. This strategy will definitely guarantee you will not spend your earnings. Another option that you have is to buy Treasury bills. Even if you will not earn very much, you have the guarantee that your money is protected. If you are able to earn more than 2 percent, then you will never run out of money.