Improve your look through cosmetic surgery procedures

Medicine has come a long way in the past decades. Innovative treatments are developed each day, new drugs are discovered regularly, equipment is becoming more and more performing and doctors have all the means in order to become as skilled as possible. While the basis of medicine involved curing diseases and correcting dysfunctions of the human body, it seems that a modern branch of this domain is taking shape: cosmetic medicine. On the one hand, an increasingly large number of individuals preoccupied by their looks are addressing their doctors asking for professional treatments aimed to correct their appearance. On the other hand, some people need corrective interventions or plastic surgeries to eliminate signs resulting from an accident. If you belong to one of these categories, then you should visit Centre for Surgery London. Here are some corrective surgical interventions you can rely on if you choose this practice.


Also known as otoplasty, pinnaplasty is the surgical interventions recommended by experts to patients who have prominent ears. The problem affects about 2% of worldwide population but the diagnosis is rather subjective. Rather than being a physical issue, it is actually considered a psychical one, lowering self-esteem and boosting self-consciousness. As a consequence, in case you are not happy about the size or form of your ears, you can always seek a clinic performing pinnaplasty London operations. Surgical correction is the only alternative for adult patients (including children over the age of five). Although risks are minimal, the procedure has to be performed in a dedicated clinic by a professional cosmetic surgeon.


With the passing of time, your face features may have the tendency to descend and thus give your face a tired or angry look. The good news is that now you can get a professional face lift – a treatment known in medical terms as           rhytidectomy or rhytidoplasty. The procedure involves incisions in front and behind the ears, in order to neaten the aspect of your neck, jowls and cheeks. You can opt for the traditional full lifting method, very popular and effective, a mini face lift (the cosmetic surgery technique which affects only one part of your face) or a neck lift intervention, aimed to reduce the wrinkles and loose skin on your neck. These solutions are preferred by those who want to stop the aging process and restore the smoothness of their complexion.


This surgical intervention is performed in order to correct or reconstruct the form, alignment and functions of the nose. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries requested by patients all around the world, since it is not risky and delivers great results. Also known as a “nose job”, the operation should be performed by an experienced doctor in a dedicated clinic and it will restore the shape, functions and looks of the nose. Your new, aesthetic and facially proportionate nose is likely to change the entire face structure.