Levitating speaker buying guide – what should you know?

You have probably heard about the levitating speakers that have taken the tech market by surprise. With a revolutionary design concept and an impressive audio performance, floating speakers have quickly become the favorite item of tech enthusiasts. If this particular gadget has caught your interest, and you would want to purchase one yourself, then you should pay attention to a few details. Because there are various brands and models on the market, you need to inform yourself regarding features and performance, before making a purchase. You can read some reviews on websites, such as levitating-speaker.com, to learn a thing or two about these gadgets. Here are the most important things to consider, when buying a floating speaker:

Sound quality

The most important aspect to keep in mind, when purchasing this type of gadget is the sound quality. Do not let yourself be drawn by an innovative design, before finding out more details about the audio performance of the speaker. Depending on the brand you opt for, you can enjoy a 3D surround effect, which will take listening to music to new heights. Find out if the speaker maintains the same sound quality at maximum volume.


Although, most of the orb bluetooth speakers you can find on the market have the same design concept, there are a few differences you might notice. Think about your personal preferences and buy the speaker that you think will fit best into your interior design. One style in particular that has caught the attention of most buyers is the Death Star floating speaker, which has become a must-have for Start Wars fans.

Battery life

If you wish to use the orb as a stand alone speaker as well and are planning to carry it around with you, then you should inform yourself regarding the battery life of the levitating speaker. Some devices offer an increased battery life, even up to twelve hours of non-stop music, while others can only function for a few hours. Check this particular detail, before deciding on floating speaker or another.


Before moving on with your search, you should set a budget. Think about the maximum amount of money you would be willing to spend on this gadget. Because the market offers various brands and models, you can easily find one to suit your financial possibilities. Although, you should limit your choices only to the speakers you can afford, avoid buying the cheapest option you find, because the quality might not be one to suit your expectations.

It is imperative to keep these details in mind, if you are interested in buying this type of gadget. Because you will be paying a fairly big amount of money on this device, you should make an informed decision. Reading a few reviews online might help you decide on the best model or brand. Search online for an informative website that can provide you with accurate and detailed reviews. After you have learned more about the product’s features and audio performance, you can feel safe buying it.