Mistakes to avoid when trying to win her back

Many relationships fail; it can happen because of long distances, lack of communication, cheating, incompatibility or a mistake that was made on either side. No matter the age, gender or social status, the feeling you experience when your partner breaks up with you can be excruciating and it’s perfectly normal to want to win her back. Sometimes this may work, other times you have to move on, but, no matter the outcome, giving it a try is worth the shot. The issue with getting an ex back though is that you may be rushed and try all sorts of things while in a panic, which leads to many regrettable decisions and embarrassing moments. If you’re wondering how to win her back, watch out for these common mistakes first.

Not giving her enough time


No matter how sad, angry or hopeless you feel, don’t rush into trying to make up with your ex-girlfriend. Wait for a few days, preferably up to two weeks, before you get back in touch with her. If you try to win her back immediately after the break-up, when things are still heated, you’re likely to get a negative response. Instead, let things cool down and allow yourselves the time to sort out your feelings. Waiting will be neither easy nor fun, but it is the best way to avoid taking bad decisions.


Overdoing it


While trying to get your ex back, you might imagine that trying as hard as possible will impress her and convince her to give you another chance. However, it’s the quality of your efforts that matters, not the quantity. Don’t overdo it, because you could end up annoying her. Too many texts or late night phone calls will quickly get from romantic to bothersome. Basically, you should not exaggerate with anything: buying her flowers or gifts paying her surprise visits or calling her friends (you don’t want to become a stalker, do you?). Crying and begging won’t work either. Try to keep your cool and be mature about it. Don’t try to manipulate her either, because that is not the way to have a healthy and happy relationship.


Trying to be her friend


One of the most common mistakes that men make when attempting to win back their ex-girlfriends is trying to stay friends. This is a bad compromise and bad life decision that rarely works out. Unless you’ve only dated for a couple of weeks, your “friendship” will be emotionally charged and you will go through a lot of pain because of the downgrade. Most of the time, your ex-girlfriend will move on and date other people and it will be very difficult for you to talk to her as a friend. As hard as this may be, try to keep the distance for a few weeks. Even if this sounds drastic, not seeing her at all is better than staying just friends. This will only complicate things and it will prevent you from moving on.