Potential sources of water damage in your home


Even though you might think that water damage is not something that could ever happen to you, the fact is that this is one of the most common problems a household could have and you should perform regular inspections, as this problem does not always appear is a place that is easy to notice. If you do see something that looks suspicious, you can always call a team of water damage Calgary specialists to assess the situation and offer you a potential solution.

Watermarks on the ceiling

A cracked or damaged roof is how all problems start. Even though you may not notice this from the beginning, as soon as the stains start to show up on the ceiling, you should probably inspect your roof. Whatever you do, do not ignore this situation, because it will only get worse. Having watermarks on the ceiling is a pretty serious thing, because it means that somehow water has found its way into your home and it could even reach the floors and make even more damage.



This is by far the most common source for water damage. A leaky pipe can cause serious damage over time, as it can be difficult to notice and it will lead to mould and other problems. Rusty pipes have all sorts of debris in them, which can make your home smell not so nice and give it a damp feel, no matter how much you try drying the place out. In addition, if for some chance one of your pipes bursts altogether, make sure you clean properly after it, because any water left lying around could cause serious problems later on.


Soft spots on the wall

Just like watermarks on the ceiling, if you see a discolouring on the wall and you feel the spot saggy or weak you should never ignore it, because it is a clear sign that it is collecting moisture which can lead to mould or even worse: structural damage. Always make a habit out of inspecting any crawl spaces you may have around the house at least once a year, because this is how you can avoid any major problems and take the right measures from the beginning. Furthermore, always check attics and basements too once in a while, even if you might not use those places that often, just to be on the safe side and make sure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises later on.