Remove scars and regain confidence         


Scars are the result of trauma or acne and it affects the area of the skin where the dermis was injured. People that experience scars have major problems with self-confidence and this may lead to anxiety and depression. If your wife deals with scars issues you can help her regain her smile and not feel ashamed of going out in town in the daylight, by offering her a scar reduction treatment at a professional skin care clinic Toronto. She might be dealing with acne since adolescence and now she still remembers all the shame she experienced, because of these scars.

What treatment she will benefit from?

You may know that your wife had tried multiple treatments for her scars, but not all of them have a noticeable result. You can offer her the opportunity of trying a modern and effective treatment. The latest technology that is used in treating scars is represented by Derma Roller, which improves the state of many types of scars. She will be amazed to find out that her small and shallow scars will be removed entirely and the deeper ones will smooth out and will be less noticeable. In time, her skin will experience an improvement of 70-85%, which will make her feel more confident to go out with less make-up.

How Derma Roller works?

Derma Roller developed a collagen induction and scar reduction therapy called Dermastamp, which works through different means. It stimulates your wife’s body to produce collagen and it breaks down the scar tissue. These two processes will make her body start the process of naturally regenerating the skin, and in 6 weeks, she will see signs of regeneration. If she will continue this treatment, she will see that in the following months this therapy will provide her a gradual and long lasting enhancement.  You do not have to worry that maybe your wife’s skin type is not fitted for this type of treatment because it can be used on every type of skin. This treatment is safe to use and has no side effects. She can also use it if she has stretch marks, wrinkles and if he experiences sagging skin. You do not have to worry that you do not know what type of derma roller she should use, because she will get all the help she needs in selecting the needle length and the complexity of her treatment at the skin care clinic.