Steps towards pursuing a personal injury claim


Accidents happen in the fraction of a second, but the consequences can last longer than expected. When a person is involved in a car accident which results in a personal injury, more than the body has to suffer. If you have been involved, say, in a car accident, you will have to pay for extensive medical care, not to mention that you will have to pay for ongoing treatment. If the nature of the injury is serious, then you will not be able to resume the lifestyle you had before the accident. Basically, life following the accident may never be what it used to be, neither physically or financially. Right after you have been involved in an accident of any kind, the chances are that you may be feeling confused or stressed out. The first thing you need to do is take care of your own health. When you are genuinely ready, you can think about seeking the advice of a Huntington Beach personal injury attorney.

See if the insurance policy will cover your injuries

If you have been severely injured and you strongly believe that someone else is legally responsible, you should find out whether the person has insurance coverage that will cover the personal injury claim that you are making. This is of the highest important due to the fact that it can determine whether you will be or not be able to collect any damages that the jury will award you. Having a judgement in your hands is worth nothing as long as you are not able to collect money on that judgment. If your wounds are not that serious, than the insurance coverage may turn out to be a satisfactory solution. But if the injuries you have contacted are serious and the other person is directly responsible for what has happened to you, you should only want to proceed if the person has no insurance policy.

Find a good personal injury lawyer  

You should not turn to just any attorney for help. What you should do is look for someone who has experience in handling this type of claims and, most important, one that you feel you can trust. There are many way in which you can find experienced lawyers, one of them being to visit Avvo. Once you get referrals, you should make sure to make comparisons. You should always be prepared for rejection since many lawyers will not agree to take your case unless the claim or crustal clear or there is potential for a huge recovery amount.

How much you can claim

The first and foremost criteria for any personal injury compensation claim is that you were not at fault for the injury. The second criteria is that someone else, namely the blame ca be attributed to a third party. Until your claim has been evaluated by a lawyer, it is impossible to say exactly how much compensation you are entitled to. Calculating compensation is not an exact science, which mean that each case is different. The main categories that are taken into account are special damages (items with a fixed value, ex. medical expenses) and general damages (items which are not fixed by value, ex. pain and suffering)

Making your claim

It is obvious that you are not the one who is going to make a legal claim, but your attorney. He is the one responsible for collecting evidence like statements from accident witnesses and official reports. Basically, they will investigate on your behalf. Once the lawyer has determined who is responsible, he will write notification letters to inform the defendant asking for a written response. If the lawyer will be able to settle your case, you will inevitably have to go to court. However, you should rest assured that the attorney will get you the compensation that you deserve.