The best materials for outdoor furniture

When you step by a beautiful house with an ample garden, you probably cannot help but taking a look inside and admiring the beautiful property. However, behind any neat outdoor space there is a lot of work and decision making, so keep this in mind in case you are planning to organize your own garden. The patio is definitely a place of relaxation, but before transforming it into the ultimate leisure spot; you will have to pick the right furniture. There are certain criteria you will have to keep in mind when choosing the perfect items, among which the most relevant are looks, resistance, weight and maneuverability. Fortunately, there are plenty of dedicated manufacturers, such as Furniture Express, on the market, offering the most qualitative and affordable products. These are made to look fresh, require minimum maintenance and last many years. Read on to discover relevant details about the most common patio furniture materials, and remember to take this information into consideration when furnishing your own garden.


This material is a great option, especially because is it the least expensive you will find on the dedicated market. Besides being affordable, plastic furniture is also very portable, easily to store and sustainable, since it can be made of recycled materials. Even if it is not as resistant as metal, for instance, plastic can be a good choice for the hot season in case you have the possibility to transport the pieces inside once the cold season starts. Furthermore, it is not difficult to clean: you can simply rinse the items using a moist cloth, water and soap, and you will be able to eliminate almost any stain. In spite of these advantages, this material is not the most stylish solution, which may be a drawback.


Wood and resin wicker

For a traditional patio, wood or wicker seems to be the most appropriate choice. Both materials are long-lasting and stylish, not to mention they look natural and will make your outdoor space cosy and welcoming. Wood and wicker are thermo-resistant, but you will have to make sure they will not remain moist for long, because this may affect the material. In terms of maintenance, remember to avoid using water in abundance and let the furniture dry well.



Aluminium is maybe the most common material used to create outdoor furniture. This material has gained even more popularity in the past years, since it is the ideal choice for contemporary items. There are many reasons why it is so common: versatility, strength and even resistance. Furthermore, it is also used for frames, even if the furniture is made of wood, rattan or plastic. Furniture made of aluminium is strong enough to resist weather conditions, but lightweight enough to be handled easily – this comes handy when rearranging and storing the items. In addition to this, unlike other metals, aluminium has the great benefit of not resisting rust and moisture. In terms of maintenance, the material requires minimal care: it can be dusted and cleaned with water or soapy solution.