The parents handbook to student accommodation


Starting university is a life-changing experience for students because the environment forces the development of their mind, thoughts, and opinions and ultimately who they are. Once the place in the university is ensured, your son or daughter will have to determine where they are going to live. When your child is moving out, it is necessary to help him find the right student accommodation Liverpool. After their tuition fees, student accommodation is the most significant expense you will have to make, so that making the right choice is essential. Getting accommodation right is important because it can possibly affect the entire university experience and thus have an impact on academic success. In this article you will find advice about some common issues.

Accommodation comes in three types

Finding the dream accommodation for your son or daughter can easily turn into a nightmare. What you need to find is a living place that is clean, near transport and of course located in a nice neighbourhood. Although universities guarantee a place in the halls of residence, the truth is that they are not able to accommodate every student and therefore their guarantee is thus not certain. A good course of action for your son or daughter to apply for housing early in order to make sure that they will have a place secured. In addition to university halls, there is the option of renting a room. Even if there is the added cost of bills, this will provide your son and daughter the opportunity to look after themselves and manage money for the fort time. Private rented accommodation varies in price, but it is still possible to find a cheap option that meets high standards of health and safety.

Taking time to inspect the house

Looking at the condition of the place is highly important and this is not a matter of aesthetics. It is necessary to ensure that your child will not be living in an unfit place for the next couple of months. A house or an apartment is a big financial commitment and choosing wisely is important. Even if regulations are continually improving, many places still are affected by damp and mould, an issue which should be taken seriously. When viewing potential living spaces, it is equally important to consider how close it is to bust stops, supermarkets, doctors and of course the university campus. Another thing that you should determine if the appliances and furnishings are sufficient for the needs of your son or daughter. These aspects and many others represent an indicator of the landlord’s attitude.

Monthly outgoings

Considering the small things is just as important. If the child is moving into private accommodation, then he will need a TV licence in order to be able to watch or record television programmes as they are being shown. This is necessary even if your son or daughter has a laptop or tablet. When it comes to Internet access, and your child will need Internet access for study reasons, you will have to find them find the right package. Last but not least, utilities will not be included in the rent, so you will have to teach your child how to budget for gas, electricity and water bills.