Three pattern ribbons you just can’t do without

Much like everyone else on the face of the earth, you have used ribbons, at least once or twice. Given the popularity of this item and its variety of uses, it is really impossible not to. Ribbons, contrary to their petite size, will turn out to be extremely helpful, having a strong power when it comes to changing setting. Even though bows can be quite small, when placed in the right position, they can easily embellish a room, a dress and of course, a gift. Wrapping and decorating gifts with bows must be the most popular use of this item, alongside wedding settings and flower bouquets. At least this is the impression you get when you take a look at the collection offered by wholesale ribbon UK providers. In dedicated stores, online and traditional, you will discover plenty of options, more than you could possibly use. However, one category tends to stand out. Bows with a pattern are among the first choices clients have. The reason is quite simple. Patterns are usually joyful and they have a greater power when it comes to changing the mood. It may be true that a red ribbon will always be beautiful, but a polka dot bow might be placed in the shopping basket first. Here are three patterns you just cannot resist.


The polka dot ribbons


Surely you are accustomed with this type of pattern. It is popular and joyful, being highly suitable for all sorts of uses. For instance, once you have invested in polka dot ribbons, you will be able to decorate the room with it, bring an old dress back to life or embellish a gift and a flower bouquet. You could also use the polka dot ribbon as a hair accessory. It looks fantastic!


The Christmas and Easter ribbons


When the holidays are coming, people start to get really anxious and begin their search for the right decorations. Christmas or Easter decorations are not that hard to find and surely you have noticed that from one year to the next you manage to save a few decorating objects. Ribbons are part of these objects. These are delicately placed in the tree or around the house or on baskets for Easter and no actual harm can come to them. This is why you can use them a longer period of time, although you might be tempted to buy more every year.


Stripes and flower patterns


Just like the popular polka dot ribbon, stripped bows have a similar success. Stripes have always been regarded as elements worth using in the process of decorating an item. They carry a mixture of youth and elegance that is really hard to come by otherwise. As for flowers, well, these make a lovely pattern for bows. There is nothing sweater or more feminine than flowers, so combined with a ribbon, you could get the ultimate, romantic outfit or setting.


When you think about it, ribbons are by definition hard to resist, so you can only imagine the challenge when looking at those carrying a pattern.