Types of marquees and their particular features

When deciding to use a marquee as an event setting, people find overwhelming the process of deciding upon one, because they do not have the needed information. The fact is that until you need one, you are not interested in finding more details about it, and you consider that all of them are the same. You should therefore know that there are plenty of marquee types, and every one of them has particular features. In case you have in mind a certain model of marquee, and you consider that you can build the frame by yourself, you can contact a company, which could handle the Manufacture of Marquee PVC covers, and create a personalised one. But before doing this, you should inform yourself, to be sure that you know as many details as possible about them.

PVC covers marquees

This is one special type of marquee, because it is not made from the standard fabric and it does not come only in white. Some manufacturers are designing them, and they can feature different patterns both on the interior and exterior sides. In case you choose to customise it according to your preferences, you have the possibility to choose a see-through top, which would provide you a wonderful view in the night. This type is perfect when organising a wedding, because it creates a romantic atmosphere.

Pole marquees

This is the traditional model of marquee, and the majority of people choose to rent this type, because they are accustomed with their features. It is using a simple design for support, some strong centre poles, which are the base for the roof canopy. The whole design is connected to the ground with ropes, for offering the marquee stability. If you want to create a certain shape for the it, you can use side poles.

Frame marquees

Frame marquees feature an outer framework, so they do not need any other type of support for offering them stability. This model does not have any poles for maintain the whole structure upright, and usually the frame is made from aluminium, which is a lightweight but strong support for the marquee. Frame models offer you the possibility to place them on various surfaces, so you have great choice when it comes to finding the setting for your event.

Folding marquees

The most modern type of marquee is the folding one, which is the easiest to install model. You only have to ask the company to bring it to you, and because they feature a modern mechanism, they can be almost instantly set-up. They have a frame manufactured from steel, in the majority of cases, and they feature a PVC coated material on the sides. Therefore, this model is seen as a combination of the other types, taking from them the best parts. When choosing this variant you have to use sandbags for support. Depending on your preferences and needs, you have plenty of options from which to choose, you only have to consider their features and compare them according to your requirements