Ways to dress up blank walls

Whether you are tired of starring all day at empty walls or you simply want them to be fuller of life, it is time to do something. The walls are your personal canvas, which means that you have the opportunity to go with any design or theme that you want. As long as you have a little imagination, you can dress up the walls with posters or even artworks online. If you use the following tips, then you can turn your residence into a home.

Go wild with colours

By changing the colour of the walls, you can give the room a completely different vibe. Since any process requires a little bit of planning to avoid uneven lines. While many choose the colour according to the dominant pattern and guide themselves with the colour wheel, you can skip this step to create something original. More precisely, you can finger paint the room. Contrary to popular belief, finger painting is not only for children. Not only will you improve your home décor but you can test your skills and your imagination. You have to respect two basic rules: blend in colours and have the time of your life.

Decorate the wall with real art

Since no home should have barren walls, you think about really using the wall as a canvas and frame art prints. While art prints used to be scarce, now you have the possibility to shop online for unique designs. Although wall art is usually synonym to paintings and posters, this does not mean that you cannot get your hands on true works of art. Some online platforms put you in contact with the designer’s studio, so that you can deal straight with them. However, you should limit your choice to three pieces. No matter what choice you make, it should be something that reflects your personal style since the print will stay on your wall for a long time.

Paper crafts

Once you a home decorated with paper arts and crafts, you will fall madly in love with it. They are a great decoration idea because they do not require any major investments or skills. On YouTube, you can find several videos that will teach you how to fold, cut, glue and match colours and patterns. It is not recommendable to start a paper project if you are not in a good mood. You will see that the value of something that you created cannot be compared to what you typically find in stores.

Deck the walls with snapshots

Whether bedroom or living room, the walls are the perfect canvas to lay down your pictures. You definitely have a treasured picture that you would like to stretch over the wall. Select from the many photos uploaded on Instagram or Facebook one and adjust it with a photo editor. After you are done, consider printing it on canvas because this will make your photo look like a real painting. You do not have to go through the trouble of stretching the photo onto the canvas. Just choose a printing company.