Why friends choose to attend the same university

You might have this old friend, who you attended the kindergarten with, who went to the same school with you, and now that you are graduating, you plan to go to the same faculty. Some of you might think that maybe is the time to go every one of you on their ways, because you have to be independent, and you cannot stay together all your life. Well, you should think twice, because if you choose to go by your own at the college you might experience home sick and you will definitely regret that you have not attended the same university as your friend did. Also, when you enrol to the same college you will enjoy plenty of benefits, as staying together in a student accommodation. Therefore, take a look at these benefits and decide only when you are totally sure that this is the best way for you.

Share the accommodation

When you and your best friend enrol to the same college, you will have the possibility to share the accommodation facility. You should know from the start that the ones, which are providing a wide range of facilities, are listed at higher prices, and if you rent them by your own, you will have to pay a sum you might not afford. Therefore, if you choose to share it with your best friend, you will not have money issues anymore. Also, there are accommodations which imply having a roommate, and you definitely will not prefer to live with a stranger. When staying with your best friends, you have the same hobbies, the same habits and you will not have problems in managing the way you do the house chores and other similar things. Because you will not be alone, you will not feel home sick and you will be able to make new friends quickly, because you already have your own little group, other students will want to join.

You know each other

Going to college in a new town can be an unpleasant experience for some of the students, because they have to face with a lot of new things. You might have troubles in understanding certain objects at the faculty, and you will feel that there is no one to understand you, and to talk to. However, when you have your best friend in the same campus, you only have to call him or her and share your problems. Because they know you for so long, they will know what to say to you to calm you down, and together you will find a solution to your problems. You might have new friends, but you will not feel comfortable to talk with them about some of your problems. For example, when you will want to go for a medical check, and you have to be accompanied by someone, your best friend should be the one who comes with you, because s/he knows how to calm you.